Recent News and Upcoming Events:


2O21 entered the 10th Anniversary of Wing Chun Kingsway CC, Master Chau’s book to be commemorated to his disciples, friends and classmates. The book is expected to be published in March and hope all of you will support it.


Due to the pandemic in 2020, Master Chau left Hong Kong Parkview Health Club. His disciples, friends, classmates and family encouraged him to write his experience of Wing Chun. Master Chau decided to write and named his book “Wing Chun My Heartfelt Experience”. It will be published March 2021.


On the 8th Anniversary of July 2019, Master Chau performed his first Luk Dim Boon Kwun as part of the evening's performance.

Luk Dim Boon Kwun      

In March, 2018 Master Chau was invited to teach at the Hong Kong Parkview Health Club to further diversify his wing chun skills.


In September 17, 2017 was the 7th Anniversary of Wing Chun Kingsway CC and at the same time to celebrate Master Chau 70th birthday. Master Chau led his students to demonstrate the HaHa8.。

HaHa8   Benefits of HaHa 8  

Master Chau demonstrated the Eight Styles of Knives as the grand finale for the night.

Eight Styles of Knives      

In October 9th 2016, two of our talented students, Frankie Leung Tsz Ho and Jacky Wong, participated at the fourth annual World Wing Chun Competition. Leung won the Bronze Medal for Chum Kiu adult division and Wong won the Gold Medal for Siu Nim Tao junior division. Congratulations to our students!

Frankie Leung Tsz Ho
Bronze Medal
  Jacky Wong
Gold Medal

Our second location will open in 2015 at Nantou Town , Zhongshan. Chau SiFu's protégés Ng & Lui will co-manage the school. Stay tuned for the grand opening and upcoming news. 

The practice and benefits of Wing Chun is gaining popularity in Zhongshan , China . In February 2014, we officially opened our first Zhongshan , China branch. Senior Instructor Steve Ng will continue the teaching and philosophy of Chau SiFu. Classes are open for registration now.

Maintaining a healthy body and mind is a lifelong journey, and physical exercise is essential. As a result of my years of research and observation, I have created a new practice set called   Ha Ha Eight Silken Moves . The sequence incorporates the characteristics of Baduanjin Qigong and Wing Chun.   Ha Ha Eight Silken Moves   is gentle yet strengthening. It is designed for retirees, for those with joint pains, sleeping disorders or are recovering from illness. For more information, please contact us.

In November 2014, the World Wing Chun Union held its second annual “Luocun Yip Man Cup” World Wing Chun Competition in ShiShan Town Stadium in Foshan , China . Students from both our Hong Kong and Zhongshan schools took part in the event and won fifth place in the Taolu Division team final. They were also among the competitors awarded the Best Performance Award. Congratulations! 

In November 2012, three of our talented students, Leung Ting Pong, Frankie Leung Tsz Ho and Ng Steve Ng, participated in the “Hong Kong Cup” International Wing Chun Competition organized by Hong Kong Wing Chun Union Chairman Mr. Sai Kwok Lam. Ng won the Bronze Medal and both Leung and Leung won the Excellence Awards in each of their respective weight divisions. Congratulations to our students!