11 Created by the Shaolin Great Grand Master Wu Mei, the style gained widespread popularity in Hong Kong thanks to Grand Master Ip Man. With more than 200 years of history, Wing Chun has become one of the most well-known kung-fu styles of the world.At present, Ip Man Wing Chun has been listed as Hong Kong's first non-material cultural heritage and is a treasure of the Chinese culture.
Born in 1929, Chiu Wan first learned Wing Chun from his brother, Chiu Chow, in China. After the country was taken over by the Communists, Chiu Wan moved to Hong Kong and further developed his technique with Grand Master Ip Man, who certified his technique "The True Heritage of Wing Chun." In 1955, Chiu Wan launched his own Wing Chun school, and in less than 10 years developed his own reputation and acquired many famous students, including movie star Deon, Lai Ying Jiu, Kuo Ying Hua, Lee Hoi Sang, Yip Sheung Wah, Chang Chuan, Hou Yong Jhan, Lee Fa Chuan, Yip Pa Chiu, Chiu Wan passed away in 1975. His disciples continue to carry on his tradition all over the world.