I became Chiu Wan's student in 1963 and continued to train with him while I worked at the Hang Seng Bank's Department of Business Promotion. After Master Chiu passed away in 1975, I trained with his son, Chiu Hung Kwan, and helped him teach some classes at his academy. It was there that I first began to develop my own teaching methods. When I immigrated to Canada in 1987, I joined the International Wushu Federation and taught some of my co-workers at Tai Foong International Co. Ltd. Upon returning to Hong Kong, I completed a three-month Wing Chun course at St. Joseph's A-C School. Now, in addition to Kingsway CC, I also teach the staff at Wah Shing Sports Co. Ltd. (Nikko).

On July 23 2011, I have opened my first Wing Chun Academy. Advertisement in the Oriental Daily was created before the opening on July 22 2011.
Check out below the opening ceremony on that day.